Screen Self Manifesto 2014

屏幕自 2014

The Space Beyond the Screen Has Exceeded Our Wildest Imaginations.

What was once a rudimentary interface between operator and machine, between flesh and bit, has become a complex, ever shifting entity, growing exponentially in scope. As the screen constantly sheds the limitations of its previous technologies, the capabilities of the space behind the glass accelerate forward at light speed. No longer are we bound to the 2-color pixel patterns of the primitive CRT - instead, humanity is faced with confronting the boundless space of vector points and seamless floods of rgb color gamuts. Most affected by this rapid evolution is the space of the web, and its phenomenology as experienced through the tools of the browser. Our existence on the web has freed itself from sliced .jpegs on static home pages; we now deal on a daily basis with an entity that is capable of far more movement, noise, vibration, color, and energy than ever before.

As inhabitants of the web, we are bound to using the click of the mouse and the scroll of the wheel as essential method of communicating with the ether. Yet despite the power afforded to our web presence, our relationship with these actions remains constrained to a purely utilitarian approach. The infinite space of the screen is hindered by our inability to use these peripherals as more than just a functional means to an end. With user interface technology becoming more and more frictionless, more and more engrained in the paradigms of Kinectian motion sensors and Leapesque gesture based navigation, the mouse and the keyboard are faced with the possibility of obsolesance. The platform is thus prepared for these actions to release themselves from their utilitarian confines and to transcend into aesthetic artifacts for spiritual experience.

The Screenself Manifesto calls for these behaviours, these micro-rituals to be elevated and recognized for a truer purpose beyond a means to an end. Rather than ways of desperately sorting data and pixels around a screen, we must use these methods as means of transmuting our tangible, limited selves into the endless vibrations of the web. The Screenself Manifesto seeks to surpass the modes of human-computer interaction we have come to thoughtlessly accept as finite or definite; it calls for us to elevate them from a single-use tool to a vehicle for mental, physical, and spiritual contemplation. In the same way that we seek to commune with the mystical and sublime experiences of nature, so must we use the click, the keypress, the scroll, to form a screen-self, transferring our bodies to meditate upon and absorb the infinite phenomena of the digital space.